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Friday, July 15, 2011

RSJ Wine Offer July 2011

Nigel Wilkinson and Vincent Roussely in Vincent's vineyard June 2011

A small selection of seasonal wines for drinking this summer – please feel free to mix cases

DRY WHITE:                          

A small selection of seasonal wines for drinking this summer – please feel free to mix cases
DRY WHITE:                          
                                                                                                                   List                  Offer 
                                                                                                                   Price               Price
2009 Saumur Blanc, Domaine des Hauts de Sanziers                     £8.70               £7.95
Dominique Tessier’s delicious dry Chenin Blanc has loads of ripe fruit and a very nice concentration and balance.
2010  Touraine Sauvignon, Domaine du Clos Roussely                 £8.70               £7.95
The highly praised Vincent Roussely makes his wines organically and are extremely popular. His Sauvignon is crisp, fresh and has a lovely ripeness and balance..
2009  Muscadet Sur Lie  ‘ Le Clos des Allées’                                 £9.75               £8.95
Pierre Luneau has a great reputation as probably the leading grower in this region. His ‘Clos des Allees’ from an individual parcel of old vines has excellent ripe fruit and a lovely minerality.
2010 Château de la Roulerie, Chenin Blanc                                   £12.10             £11.15
Philippe Germain’s latest vintage has a lovely attractive nose,good fruit and a nice acidity. Goes very well with exotic and spicy food.
2010 Pouilly Fumé, Domaine Treuillet                                           £12.95             £11.95
Classic Pouilly Fume from an exciting young vigneron from whom we have just started shipping. An exciting new discovery!
2010 Sancerre, ‘Les Pierris’                                                              £12.95             £11.95
The Champault brothers, Laurent & Claude, make this wonderful Sancerre which has a classic Sauvignon flavour and great character. SPARKLING WINE: 
Crémant de Loire, Domaine de Nerleux                                          £11.30             £10.40
Lovely dry fruit sparkler from Regis Neau made in the traditional method from Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay.
Crémant de Loire Rosé                                                                     £11.30             £10.40
Regis’ dry pink sparkler has lots of  flavour and lovely concentration.
2010 Rosé de Loire , Domaine Ogereau                                            £8.70               £7.95
Delicious dry rose, excellent with barbecues, grilled meats, exotic dishes or just for quaffing.
2010 Chinon Rosé, ‘Cuvée Marie Justine’                                       £9.60               £8.95
Delicious dry elegant fruity Rose from our old friend, Christophe Baudry at the Domaine de la Perrière (Baudry-Dutour).
2009 Saumur Rouge, Domaine des Hauts de Sanziers                    £8.50               £7.85
Dominique Tessier’s Cabernet Franc has lovely ripe mouthwatering fruit with a good weight and fresh finish.
2010 Touraine Gamay, Domaine du Clos Roussely                                    £8.70               £7.95
Vincent Roussely’s Gamay has a lovely weight and concentration with very ripe fruit and a long finish.
2009   Anjou Rouge, Domaine Ogereau                                            £9.25               £8.55
Vincent’s Anjou Rouge has superb fruit and an excellent balance. Very attractive!
2009 Chinon, Domaine de la Perrière                                              £9.95               £9.20
Christophe Baudry & Jean-Martin Dutour’s delicious Chinon is drinking exceptionally well and has a very good balance and lovely aroma of violets.
2009 St Nicolas de Bourgueil’ Les Rouillères’                                £10.95             £9.95
Frederic Mabileau’s delicious ripe St Nicolas continues to go from strength to strength. Organically made. Drinking really well!
2010 Saumur Champigny, Domaine des Roches Neuves                £11.75             £10.85
This superb Champigny made by French ‘wine maker of the year’ Thierry Germain is full of ripe Cabernet fruit with a lovely concentration and flavour.
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