RSJ's 30th anniversary: 1980-2010

2010 was a very special year for us as the RSJ Restaurant celebrated its 30th year. We held a number of special events through the year to mark our 30th birthday. Roll on the 35th! Now only a year away!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

RSJ is now on Twitter – please follow us!

The RSJ Restaurant is now on Twitter – RSJ Restaurant @RSJWaterloo. Please do follow us for latest news, tastings, Italian lunches etc!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

RSJ Wine Offer - January 2014

Frédéric Mabileau with his still fermenting Saumur Blanc

For our post Christmas sale, we are offering a selection of mixed cases considerably discounted from the normal price.

Chenin Blanc Case    [Both drier and richer styles of this fabulous grape]  £130.00
3 bottles 2010 Anjou Blanc ‘En Chenin’ Domaine Ogereau, Vincent Ogereau
3 bottles 2011 Anjou Blanc ‘Les Pierres Girard’ Domaine de la Bergerie, Yves Guégniard
3 bottles 2012 Anjou Blanc Château de la Roulerie, Philippe Germain
3 bottles 2012 Chinon Blanc Domaine de la Noblaie, Jérôme Billard

Cabernet Franc Case  [Fruity reds  with nice balance and length] £115.00
3 bottles 2011 Anjou Rouge Domaine Ogereau, Vincent Ogereau
3 bottles 2010 ‘ La Cerisaie’ Domaine de la Bergerie, Yves Guegniard
3 bottles 2012 Anjou Rouge Chateau de la Roulerie, Philippe Germain
3 bottles 2011 Chinon ‘Les Chiens Chiens’ Jerome Billard

Touraine Case [Organically made selection from Vincent Roussely] £105.00
4 bottles 2012 Sauvignon ‘Le Clos’
1 bottle 2011 Sauvignon L’Esprit du Clos [aged in oak]
4 bottles 2011 Gamay ‘Canaille
2 bottles 2010 Anthologie du Clos [Cabernet & Côt]
1 bottle 2012 ‘Irreductible’ [Natural wine]

Savennières Case [Wonderful honeyed mineral wines from top growers] £165.00
3 bottles 2011 Savennières Clos de Coulaine, Claude Papin
3 bottles 2010 Savennières Clos Le Grand Beaupréau, Vincent Ogereau
3 bottles 2011 Savennières Clos Le Grand Beaupréau, ClaudePapin
3 bottles 2011 Savennières Clos le Grand Beaupréau, Yves Guégniard

The Mabileau Case  [Organically made wines from Frédéric Mabileau]  £165.00
2 bottles 2012 Chenin des Rouillères [Delicious dry white]
2 bottles 2008 Chenin du Puy [old vines, oak aged]
2 bottles 2011 St Nicolas de Bourgueil ‘Les Rouillères’ [Delectable Cabernet Franc]
2 bottles 2011 Bourgueil ‘ Racines ’ [Old Vines – oak ageing]
2 bottles 2011 St Nicolas de Bourgueil ‘Coutures’ [Old vines – oak ageing]
2 bottles 2010 St Nicolas de Bourgueil ‘Eclipse’ [Vines over 50 years – only made in best years]

We have only a limited stock of a number of these wines. If you would prefer to order a different combination of bottles, that would be possible – price to be discussed on application.

To order please contact:
RSJ Restaurant, 33 Coin Street London SE1 9NR          Tel: 020 7928 4554

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Events at RSJ Restaurant in early 2014

Details of events at the RSJ Restaurant in the first part of 2014 

Italian Sunday Lunches with dynamic Italian cook & food writer, Ursula Ferrigno.
These lunches start at 1.00 pm and you will be welcomed with a glass of wine on arrival.

Sunday 23rd February ‘Truly Italian’ £32.00
Cream of chick pea soup with wild mushrooms with parmesan bread
Freshly made pasta using Italian eggs with ricotta, spinach & herbs, anointed with fine oil
Sarde con finnichio - Sardines with Fennel
Mixed seasonal salad with blood oranges from Sicily
Lemon & Almond tart
Seasonal cheese, mountain honey and fruit

Sunday 30th March  ‘Italian Country Table’  £32.00
Pizette polenta crusted dough topped with Olives, artichokes & peppers
Gnocchi with walnuts & rocket pesto
Fish stew in saffron based broth served with crusty bread
Frisee, black olive &green bean salad
George’s exceptional profiteroles
Specially selected cheese

We have a few places available in the kitchen to learn from Ursula
as well as assisting in the preparation of this food [price £30.00 per head]


Wine Tastings and Dinners [start at 7.15pm]
Monday 10th February   Bourgueil & St. Nicolas de Bourgueil £49.50
We will be tasting wines from a number of vintages going as far back as 1996 and 1989 and will feature growers including Frédéric Mabileau, his father Jean-Paul, Pierre Breton as well as other leading vignerons.

25th anniversary celebration: July 2005
Noël Pinguet (Domaine Huet), Thomas Meunier (Frédéric Mabileau)
Tom King, Frédéric Mabileau, Nigel Wilkinson
Christine and Eric Nicolas (Domaine de Bellivière)   

Monday 17th March RSJ 34th Anniversary Dinner £55.00
It is hard to believe it but RSJ opened in 1980 – where have the years gone? We shall be tasting wines from these four decades to accompany a special dinner to commemorate this anniversary.

To book any of these events please contact:

RSJ Restaurant
33 Coin Street
Tel: 020-7928 4554

Saturday, November 16, 2013

RSJ Christmas Wine Offer 2013

The following wines are a special selection from the extensive RSJ Wine list and are offered at a discounted rate until the end of the year. We have already put together a number of ‘mixed cases’ but please feel free to mix your own cases if you prefer.

To order:  Tel 020 7928 4554                     e-mail
RSJ 33 Coin Street London, SE1 9NR

A Box for Christmas Day £60.00

1 Bottle Crémant de Loire Brut, Domaine de Nerleux              
Delicious dry sparkling wine made in the traditional method from Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay.

2 Bottles  2012 Touraine Sauvignon, Domaine du Clos Roussely
Stunning Sauvignon from a wonderful recent discovery, Vincent Roussely.

2 Bottles  2012  Chinon, Domaine de la Noblaie
Lovely ripe and fruity with an excellent balance and flavour.

1 Bottle  Cockburns Fine Ruby Port
Ripe well-structured Port from this famous house.

The Prestige case [6 bottles] £89.50
A stunning collection of our Vignerons’ top wines
1 Bottle                 2005 Le L’d’Or Muscadet, Vieilles Vignes,  Pierre Luneau
1 Bottle                 2010  Petit Princé, Chenin Blanc, Christophe Daviau
1 Bottle                 2011 Bourgueil ‘Racines’, Frédéric Mabileau
1 Bottle                 2010 ‘Evanescence’Anjou Villages, Yves Guegniard
1 Bottle                 2010 Chinon, Pierre de Tuf, Jérôme Billard
1 bottle                  2011 Coteaux du Layon ‘Les Rouannières’ [50cl], Claude Papin

The Sauvignon case  £ 120.00 
3 Bottles                 2012 Touraine Sauvignon, Le Clos Vincent Roussely
3 Bottles                2012 Sauvignon, Domaine de Bablut, Christophe Daviau
3 Bottles                2012 Pouilly Fumé, Domaine Treuillet, Sébastien Treuillet
3 Bottles               2012 Sancerre ‘Les Pierris’, Domaine Champault
The Loire red case [Cabernet Franc]  £120.00

4 Bottle                 2011 Anjou Rouge, Domaine Ogereau, Vincent Ogereau
4 Bottles                2012 Chinon, Domaine de Noblaie, Jérôme Billard
4 Bottles                2011 St Nicolas de Bourgueil, ‘Les Rouillières’ Frédéric Mabileau

 Champagne & Sparkling Wine
                                                                               Normal         Discount
Crémant de Loire Brut, Domaine de Nerleux        £11.95               £10.95

Crémant de Loire Rose, Domaine de Nerleux       £11.95               £10.95

Vouvray Brut, Domaine Champalou                     £13.95               £12.75

2009 Crémant de Loire Dom Nature D.Richou   £19.50             £18.25

Champagne J.P.Robert Brut  NV                         £23.70              £21.75

                                                                                                        Normal                   Discount
2012 Saumur Rouge, Domaine des Hauts de Sanziers                £8.95                     £8.25
A ripe and fruity Cabernet Franc from Dominique Tessier – this wine has an elegance and nice balance.

 2012 Touraine Gamay, Domaine du Clos Roussely                   £9.05                     £8.40
Delicious fruity Gamay from low yields grown organically by this exciting young vigneron, Vincent Roussely.

2012 Chinon, Domaine de la Noblaie                                           £10.25                    £9.50
Jérôme Billard’s lovely Chinon is packed with ripe fruit - it has a glorious nose of violets and a lovely balance. Made organically.

2012 Saumur Champigny Domaine de Nerleux                         £10.25                     £9.50
Régis and Amelie Neau have made a delicious Champigny this year, full of ripe fruit and charm.

2012 Château de la Roulerie, Cabernet Franc                                     £11.30                £10.50
Easy drinking, fruity and with a nice concentration, Philippe Germain’s latest vintage is fantastic value.

2011 ‘Les Rouillières’ St Nicolas de Bourgueil                              £11.75                 £10.85
Frédéric Mabileau’s delicious 2011 is rich ripe and elegant with an excellent balance. Made organically.

2011 Sancerre Rouge ‘Les Pierris’                                                 £12.95                  £11.95
Delicious Pinot Noir from the Champault brothers with good balance and drinking really well.

2011  Bourgueil ‘Racines’                                                               £14.25                  £13.25
Frédéric Mabileau is recognised by his peers as one of the finest vignerons in the Loire valley and his 2011 Bourgueil, made from old vines, is aged in large oak barrels for 11 months and has lovely ripe fruit and a very good length and concentration.

2010  Chinon ‘Pierre de Tuf’ Domaine de la Noblaie                  £14.75                 £13.75 
Christophe Baudry’s Chinon from old vines has a richness and concentration with a very good length.
2010  ‘Evanescence’  Anjou Villages                                             £16.20                   £14.95
Yves Guegniard has produced a wonderful wine made from Cabernet Franc – it is aged for 18 months in oak barrels and has a lovely concentration of blackberry fruit and great length.

Sweet Wines
The following selection of sweet wines go extremely well with blue cheese, Foie Gras and various fruit desserts – why not treat yourself to a bottle or two this Christmas?

2011  Coteaux du Layon Rablay, Clos de la Girardière                     £14.50           £13.45

2011 Coteaux du Layon, Clos de la Soucherie [50cl]                        £16.50           £15.25

2011 Coteaux du Layon ‘Les Rouannières’ Claude Papin [50cl]   £18.25             £16.85

2010 Quarts de Chaume, Château Pierre Bise [50cl]                       £22.95             £21.25

DRY WHITE                                                                                 Normal           Discount
2011 Saumur Blanc, Domaine des Hauts de Sanziers                       £8.95              £8.25
Dominique Tessier’s lovely ripe Chenin Blanc has a good length and is most appealing.

2012 Touraine Sauvignon, Vincent Roussely                                     £9.05              £8.40
Organically grown from low yields, this lovely ripe Sauvignon has much more concentration than most from this appellation.

2012 Sauvignon, Domaine de Bablut                                                    £9.40            £8.70
Christophe Daviau’s elegant organic Sauvignon is drinking really well and continues to be very popular with our clients.

2012 Muscadet Sur Lie ‘Le Clos des Allées                                         £10.85           £9.95
Pierre Luneau’s stunning wine from this special site is made from old vines and has a wonderful minerality with real ripeness and excellent balance.

2010 Vouvray Sec, Domaine Champalou                                          £11.95               £11.05     
Didier Champalou’s delicious dry Vouvray has lovely ripe fruit and great length.

2010  Petit Princé Chenin Blanc Dom. de Bablut,                             £12.55            £11.60
Christophe Daviau’s lovely Chenin Blanc is made organically and is bottled on the lees. It has a wonderful concentration and complexity.

2012 Château de la Roulerie,    Chenin Sec                                        £12.95             £11.95
Now in the hands of the dynamic Philippe Germain, this famous old Anjou property has gone through a transformation. This superbly balanced ripe fruity wine goes well with lightly spiced and oriental food as well as traditional fish and white meat dishes.

2012 Quincy , Domaine des Ballandors                                             £12.85                £11.85
Jean Tatin’s delicious dry zesty and beautifully balanced Sauvignon is now drinking superbly.

2012 Sancerre ‘Les Pierris’ Domaine Champault                           £12.95               £11.95
This classic Sancerre from the Champault brothers has a lovely blackcurrant nose, ripe Sauvignon flavours and is beautifully balanced.                                            

2012 Pouilly Fumé, Domaine Treuillet                                             £12.95               £11.95
Classic Pouilly-Fumé from impressive young grower Sébastien Treuillet – lovely ripe flinty Sauvignon with great character.

2010 Savennières, Clos de Coulaine                                                    £13.15              £12.15
Claude Papin’s superb Savennières has wonderful honeyed fruit and an excellent balance along with a lovely minerality.
                                                                                                                                                                E& OE