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36th Year: 1980-2016

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

RSJ Wine Offer July 2012

 RSJ Restaurant

We have put together a selection of wines ideal for current drinking this Summer  [Please feel free to mix cases]

                                                                List                             Offer
                                                                Price                          Price (bold)

2011 Sauvignon, Domaine de Bablut   £8.95            £8.25
Lovely elegant Sauvignon from Christophe Daviau in Anjou. Made organically.

2010 Muscadet ‘Sur Lie’ Clos des Allées  £9.70        £8.95
Pierre Luneau has made a beautifully balanced fruity and mineral flavoured wine from this special vineyard of old vines. Gold medal winner [Nantes 2011]

2010 Château de la Roulerie, Chenin Sec  £11.50    £10.65
Stunning dry and beautifully balanced Chenin from Philippe Germain. Goes very well with oriental food.

2010 Reuilly, Les Lignis   £12.20     £11.20
Elegant stylish Sauvignon from the Tatin family. This beautifully balanced wine is most appealing.

2010 Sancerre ‘Les Pierris’  £12.50     £11.55
This classic Sancerre from the Champault brothers has a lovely blackcurrant nose, elegance
and wonderful balance.

2010 Savennières, Clos de Coulaine  £12.95    £11.95
Delightful full dry Chenin from Claude Papin with lots of ripe honeyed fruit – rich & complex.

Crémant de Loire, Domaine de Nerleux  £11.30      £10.40
Regis Neau’s  ever popular, delicious dry sparkler is made from 70%Chenin Blanc & 30% Chardonnay and makes a wonderful aperitif!

Crémant de Loire Rosé, Domaine de Nerleux  £11.30  £10.40                                   
Lovely pink sparkler from Régis Neau

2010 Touraine Gamay, Clos Roussely    £8.70     £7.95
Vincent Roussely’s organically made Gamay has lovely fruit with a good concentration and balance.

2010 Chinon Domaine de la Noblaie  £9.75   £8.95
Jérôme Billard’s lovely Chinon is packed with ripe fruit. It has a glorious nose of violets and has a lovely elegance and balance.

2010 Saumur Champigny, Domaine de Nerleux  £9.75   £8.95
The Neau’s ever popular fruity Champigny  is stylish and has a lovely elegance.

2010 St Nicolas de Bourgueil  ‘Les Rouillères     £11.20    £10.35
Frederic Mabileau’s delicious St Nicolas has had a great following for a number of years. Ripe, beautifully balanced and with a lovely concentration, this wine is made organically.

2009 Reuilly ‘ La Commanderie’  £12.20  £11.20
Made from 100% Pinot Noir, this is an elegant attractive and stylish wine from the Tatin family.

2011 Rosé de Loire , Domaine Ogereau    £8.75     £8.10
Fragrant fruity nose with dry fresh finish from our old friend Vincent Ogereau.

2011 Chinon Rosé, Domaine de la Noblaie   £9.25   £8.55
Delicious dry rose from exciting new discovery, Jérôme Billard. It is packed with ripe fruit and has a lovely concentration.


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