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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ursula Ferrigno: 2009 lunches

We now have details of the dishes that Ursula will be cooking for her first two lunches of 2009. First off is Glorious Sicily. This is followed by Italian springtime favourites. Font size

25th January - Glorious Sicily £30
Hugely important, both historically and gastronomically, this sunshine island's most famous dish is swordfish.

Involtini di Spada
Swordfish with chilli, pinenuts,olives,capers & cherry tomatoes

Dama di Bianca
'Woman in White' fennel, celery & mozzarella salad

Pasta al Norma
Luxurious freshly made pasta using Italian eggs famous for their colour and flavour. The hand made pasta is accompanied with a rich aubergine sauce flavoured with wine and Oregano.

Insalata Mista
A great combination of richly coloured & textured leaves designed to cleanse the palate.

Dolce Casata Sicilia
The classical dessert - layers of homemade ice cream encased in a liqeuer soaked light sponge.

Special selection of Cheese from our artisan supplier to compliment the menu.

15th March - Italian springtime favourites £30
Three generations of family favourites - light fragrant dishes using seasonal produce and the finest ingredients.

Cannelloni with broad beans and ricotta
A wonderful flavour of broad beans and mint combines magically with the freshly made pasta.

Foccacia farcita
Freshly made bread using six year old starter dough - a real joy!

Pappa con pomodoro e porri
Leek & tomato soup with a hint of chilli oil make this a light and fragrant soup with a slice of bread at the bottom of each bowl to thicken the soup

Insalata Mezzogiorno
Prawn & artichoke salad - In Italy 'mezzogiorno' has two meanings: noon and the Southern regions. This salad celebrates the South using capers, prawns and of course, new season artichokes.

Dolci – Zuppa Inglese
Cream & marsala trifle - there are many variations of this popular dessert which loosely translate means 'English soup' but is a creamy trifle flavoured with Marsala.

Special selection of cheese to complement the menu.

We are still awaiting details of the April event from Ursula but I will post them as soon as I have them.

If you would like to assist Ursula during the morning – making bread, pasta soup and the sauces associated with these lunches- there are a limited number of places available. The cookery tuition will cost an extra £30 per person. You are advised to book early.

For bookings please contact: tel: 020-7928 4554, fax: 020-7928 9768, email:

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