RSJ's 30th anniversary: 1980-2010

2010 was a very special year for us as the RSJ Restaurant celebrated its 30th year. We held a number of special events through the year to mark our 30th birthday.

36th Year: 1980-2016

Another milestone with events happening during our 36th anniversary year.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Our 2015 Christmas Wine Offer – plenty of Loire treats!

Ripe Cabernet Franc 

The following wines are a special selection from the extensive RSJ Wine list and are offered at a discounted rate until the end of the year. We have already put together a number of ‘mixed cases’ but please feel free to mix your own cases if you prefer. Discounted prices are shown in bold red.

To order:  Tel 020-7928 4554    e-mail

RSJ, 33 Coin Street , London SE1 9NR

Tom King 

A Box for Christmas Day £57.00           
1 Bottle Crémant de Loire Brut, Domaine de Nerleux              
Delicious dry sparkling wine made in the traditional method
From 80% Chenin Blanc and 20% Chardonnay.

2 Bottles  2014 Touraine Sauvignon, ‘Le Clos’
Stunning organic Sauvignon from top young vigneron – Vincent Roussely.

2 Bottles  2014  Chinon, Domaine de la Noblaie
Lovely ripe and fruity with an excellent balance and flavour.

1 Bottle Cockburn’s Fine Ruby Port
Ripe well structured port from this famous house.

The Prestige case [6 bottles] £90.00
[A stunning collection of our vignerons top wines]
1 Bottle  2005 Le L’d’Or Muscadet, Vieilles Vignes, Pierre and Pierre-Marie Luneau                                     
1 Bottle  2013  Savennières, Clos Le Grand Beaupréau, Vincent & Emmanuel Ogereau
1 Bottle  2011 ‘Evanescence’ Anjou Villages  Yves Guégniard
1 Bottle  2014 ‘La Croix de Mission’ Anjou Villages Brissac Jean-Yves and Jean-Hubert Lebreton                                 
1 Bottle  2012 Chinon ‘Pierre de Tuf’ Jérôme Billard
1 Bottle 2011 Coteaux du Layon ‘Clos de la Soucherie’ [50cl] Claude Papin

The Sauvignon Selection  £123.00
3 Bottles  2014 Touraine Sauvignon ‘Le Clos’ Vincent Roussely
3 Bottles  2014 Sauvignon, Domaine de Bablut, Christophe Daviau
2 bottles 2014 Quincy , Domaine des Ballandors, Jean Tatin & Chantal Wilk
2 Bottles  2014 Sancerre ‘Les Pierris’ Domaine Champault
2 Bottles  2014 Pouilly Fume, Domaine Treuillet, Sébastien Treuillet

                        Jérôme Billard, Domaine de la Noblaie
The Chinon Selection – Domaine de la Noblaie £150.00                      
We have been fortunate to acquire from Jérôme Billard, the proprietor of the outstanding Domaine de la Noblaie, a very limited number of bottles of some older vintages and we are offering these in a mixed case as follows:

                                6 Bottles 2014 Chinon Domaine de la Noblaie
                                3 Bottle 2014  Chinon Blanc          
                                1 Bottle 2005 Chinon ‘Pierre de Tuf’
                                1 Bottle 2005 Chinon ‘Les Blancs Manteaux’
                                1 Bottle 2009 Chinon  Chiens-Chiens

Diary date: we are delighted that Jérome will be presenting his wines in the restaurant over a dinner-tasting on Wednesday 20th January 2016. Details to follow shortly.

The Plantagenet Selection – wonderful wines from the region of our former Kings   £135.00
A selection of 3 whites and 3 reds from some of the best vignerons in the Anjou region
                                2 bottles 2014 Sauvignon Domaine de Bablut
                                2 bottles 2014 Chateau de la Roulerie Chenin Blanc
                                2 bottles 2013 Savennieres Clos de Coulaine
                                2 bottles 2014 Chateau de la Roulerie ‘Les Merances’
                                2 bottles 2014 ‘La Cerisaie’ Domaine de la Bergerie
                                2 bottles 2014 ‘La Croix de Mission’Domaine des Rochelles

Champagne & Sparkling Wine
Crémant de Loire Brut, Domaine de Nerleux                           £11.95        £10.95

Crémant de Loire Rose, Domaine de Nerleux                           £11.95         £10.95

Vouvray Brut, Domaine Champalou                                          £13.50         £12.75

Champagne J.P. Robert Brut                                                     £24.50           £22.50

Red Wine
2014 Saumur Rouge, Domaine des Hauts de Sanziers                £8.95        £8.30
A ripe & fruityCabernet Franc from Dominique Tessier,
this wine has an elegance and good balance

2014  La Cerisaie, Domaine de la Bergerie                                    £9.50        £8.80
Yves Guégniard’s delicious 2014 is made from predominantly
Cabernet Franc with about 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. It is ripe
 and full with an excellent balance and an attractive nose of black fruits..

2014 Saumur Champigny Domaine de Nerleux                           £9.95        £9.20
Amelié & Régis Neau have made a delicious Champigny this year, full of ripe fruit and charm.

2013 Gamay Château Pierre-Bise                                                    £9.95      £9.20
Ripe full Gamay  with plenty of concentration, Claude Papin’s latest vintage is terrific value.

2014 Chinon, Domaine de la Noblaie                                            £10.15        £9.40
Jérôme Billard’s lovely elegant Chinon has lovely ripe fruit – it has a glorious nose of violets and a lovely balance. Made organically.

2014 Anjou Villages ‘ Breton’ Domaine des Rochelles                 £11.95         £11.05
Jean-Yves Lebreton & his son Jean Hubert make terrific red wines and the 2014 is full of ripe fruit with excellent concentration and a really good length.

2014 Sancerre Rouge ‘Les Pierris’                                                   £13.25         £12.25
Delicious Pinot Noir from the Champault brothers with good balance and drinking really well.

2012 Chinon ‘Pierre de Tuf’ Domaine de la Noblaie                     £14.75          £13.75 
Jerome Billard’s top cuvée  is made from old vines first planted before the Second World War. Aged in oak for 12 months. It has a richness and concentration with a very good length.
Sweet Wines
The wonderful sweet wines from the Layon are beautifully balanced and go extremely well with blue cheese, Foie Gras and various fruit desserts – why not treat yourself to a bottle or two this Christmas?

2014 Coteaux du Layon St Lambert, Domaine Ogereau                 £13.95           £12.95

2011 Coteaux du Layon ‘Clos de la Soucherie’ Claude Papin [50cl]  £18.25       £16.85

2011 Quarts de Chaume, Domaine de la Bergerie [50cl]                £32.95             £29.95
Lovely vintage from the Loire's only Grand Cru vineyard

Dry White                                                                        
2014 Saumur Blanc, Domaine des Hauts de Sanziers                       £8.95             £8.30
Dominique Tessier’s excellent ripe Chenin Blanc has a good length and is most appealing.
2014 Touraine Sauvignon, ‘Le Clos’ Vincent Roussely                     £8.95             £8.30
Organically grown from low yields, this stunning ripe Sauvignon has much more concentration than most from this appellation.

2014 Sauvignon, Domaine de Bablut  Christophe Daviau                  £9.95         £9.20
Christophe’s organically grown sauvignon is classy, elegant and beautifully balanced.

2014 Muscadet Sur Lie, ‘Le Clos des Allées                                           £11.20        £10.50
The Luneau family’s ever popular  wine from this special site is made from old vines and has a wonderful minerality with real ripeness and excellent balance.

2014 Chinon Blanc, Domaine de la Noblaie                                     £11.95           £11.05
Jérôme Billard’s organic white Chinon made from Chenin Blanc has a beautiful floral nose and a lovely minerality.

2014 Château de la Roulerie, Chenin Blanc                                     £12.25              £11.35
Philippe Germain’s lovely Chenin Blanc has a delightful floral nose and a wonderful concentration and complexity.

2014 Vouvray Sec, Domaine Champalou                                          £12.50               £11.75     
Didier Champalou’s delicious dry Vouvray has lovely ripe fruit and great length.

2014 Quincy , Domaine des Ballandors                                            £12.50                £11.75
Jean Tatin’s gold medal winning Sauvignon from this fashionable district in the Cher Valley, close to the cathedral city of Bourges, is lively, ripe and has a great elegance.

2014 Sancerre ‘Les Pierris’ Domaine Champault                           £12.95               £11.95
This classic Sancerre from the Champault brothers has a lovely blackcurrant nose, ripe Sauvignon flavours and is beautifully balanced.

2014 Pouilly Fumé, Domaine Treuillet                                                £13.25            £12.25
Classic Pouilly Fumé from impressive young grower, Sébastien Treuillet – lovely ripe flinty Sauvignon with great character.

2013 Savennières, Clos de Coulaine                                                    £13.25              £12.25
Claude Papin’s superb Savennières from this renowned vineyard has wonderful honeyed fruit and an excellent balance along with a lovely minerality.




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