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36th Year: 1980-2016

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ursula's Italian springtime favourites: 15th March

Ursula: "You want the pasta to be a thin as a love letter....."

Once again we got to sneak into the RSJ kitchen to watch Ursula and her students for the morning prepare Sunday lunch. This time the theme was Italian springtime favourites on a suitably lovely warm, sunny March day with signs of spring all around London – daffodils, hawthorn blossoms and bursting horse chestnut leaves.

Italian springtime favourites – menu
Three generations of family favourites - light fragrant dishes using seasonal produce and the finest ingredients.

"That's a scarf, Ursula. I thought we were making pasta."

Cannelloni with broad beans and ricotta
A wonderful flavour of broad beans and mint combines magically with the freshly made pasta.

Serious pasta making!

No laughing matter!

Attentive students

This is how you make them....

Enthralled, except for Alex on artichoke detail

There're so tiny!

Foccacia farcita
Freshly made bread using six year old starter dough - a real joy!

Pappa con pomodoro e porri
Leek & tomato soup with a hint of chilli oil make this a light and fragrant soup with a slice of bread at the bottom of each bowl to thicken the soup

The hands are a blur... Alex Lovett dealing with the artichokes

Insalata Mezzogiorno
Prawn & artichoke salad - In Italy 'mezzogiorno' has two meanings: noon and the Southern regions. This salad celebrates the South using capers, prawns and of course, new season artichokes.

Discarded outer artichoke leaves

Artichokes to the right, pasta to the left

Dolci – Zuppa Inglese
Cream & marsala trifle - there are many variations of this popular dessert which loosely translate means 'English soup' but is a creamy trifle flavoured with Marsala.

Abby: "I'm not quite sure about this..."

Special selection of cheese to complement the menu.

Alex Lovett:the RSJ's head chef

Abby sorting out the tables upstairs

Makes you hungry all this cooking!

You can now find out of Ursula's cookery courses (Cook with Us) on line – visit or email Ursula on

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