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36th Year: 1980-2016

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Brief Loire weather report

Hail damage in the Cher Valley: bunches smashed, canes marked.

The weather during this year's growing season seems to have been rather patchy – patchy in the sense of frequent variations but also in the sense of variations between place.

Parts of Anjou have been very dry with virtually no rain since early June, whereas the Cher Valley and the Central Vineyards have seen quite frequent storms. A cycle of a couple of days warm weather ending in storm and then it starting again. Some of the storms have been violent with hail causing significant damage in places, especially Menetou-Salon – twice in May and also in July. Parts of the Cher Valley hhave also been hit by hail.

Ripening bunch of grapes (5.8.09) with very slight hail damage, which should cause any problems

Mildew has been a problem in the Cher Valley and also in the Central Vineyards but not in parts of Anjou as it has been so dry.

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