RSJ's 30th anniversary: 1980-2010

2010 was a very special year for us as the RSJ Restaurant celebrated its 30th year. We held a number of special events through the year to mark our 30th birthday.

36th Year: 1980-2016

Another milestone with events happening during our 36th anniversary year.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Events@RSJ Restaurant: Spring 2012

RSJ Restaurant

Wine Tastings with Dinner  Start 7.15pm

Monday 27th February  ‘The Wonders of Anjou ’   £48.65
This famous region which has great historical links to this country through the Plantagenets, is home to some of the most exciting and innovative growers who are producing terrific wines. It is fascinating to see how far they have come and the changes we have seen since our first visit in 1981.

We will be tasting reds, dry whites and sweet whites and featuring wines from such luminaries as Claude Papin, Vincent Ogereau, the Lebretons and Guegniards as well as a couple of Vignerons you may not be familiar with.

Monday 26th March RSJ’S 32nd Anniversary Dinner  £55.00
It will be 32 years in March since the doors opened at RSJ for the first time and Nigel is still maintaining all his old energy levels – but for how many more years?

We will be looking at many interesting wines that have spanned this era to accompany a 4 course dinner.

For event reservations please contact:      Tel: 020 7928 4554
RSJ Restaurant   33 Coin Street     London     SE1 9NR

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