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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vincent Roussely: harvest news

Vincent Roussely: Clos Roussely

Tom has been very pleased by how well the wines of Vincent Roussely, our new find in Touraine, have been selling. The Gamay has already sold out, although there are still some stocks of the Sauvignon Blanc, albeit depleted, left.

I spoke to Vincent this evening about when he planned to start picking:

"I'll be starting next Thursday with the Sauvignon, which is at 11.8% potential alc and 6.7 g of acidity – still a bit high. I think that while the dry weather in August ripened the grapes it also concentrated the acidity. Most of my Sauvignon is at Angé, where some of my vines were hit by hail. I think the hail damage caused stress to the vines and stopped them from developing and ripening for about two weeks, so I'll be starting a little later than people who weren't hit by hail. In parcels damaged by the hail I have probably lost about 40% of the crop. Taking the Sauvignon overall I guess I have lost about 20%.

The Gamay is looking good but I'm in no hurry to pick as I want to let it get properly ripe."

We will be touch with Vincent and our other producers during the harvest will be posting updates as we get them.

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