RSJ's 30th anniversary: 1980-2010

2010 was a very special year for us as the RSJ Restaurant celebrated its 30th year. We held a number of special events through the year to mark our 30th birthday.

36th Year: 1980-2016

Another milestone with events happening during our 36th anniversary year.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jean-Pierre Chevallier (Château de Villeneuve)@ RSJ 15th April

Jean-Pierre Chevallier during the harvest

Wine Tasting with dinner – three courses. Starts 7.15pm

Monday 15th April: Jean-Pierre Chevallier, Château deVilleneuve £49.95

We are delighted that Jean-Pierre Chevallier is coming over in April and has agreed to do a tasting here. It is several years since his last visit here and it is always a pleasure to welcome one of the world’s truly great wine makers to RSJ.Jean-Pierre returned to the beautiful family property of Château de Villeneuve in Souzay Champigny near Saumur in the 1980’s after a stint teaching oenology at the University of Bordeaux .

He quickly realised that to make great wine, not only is good work in the winery essential but it is important to do extensive work in the vineyard as well. To that end, he has been a pioneer in such things as ‘green harvesting’, bunch and leaf thinning in the summer  as well as being a strong advocate of respecting the environment  by not using herbicides and pesticides.

Greatly respected by his peers, he is much sought after by them and gives freely of his advice.

He will be showing a range of his red and white wines as well as some older vintages including:

1995 Vieilles Vignes, Saumur Champigny

1999 Le Grand Clos, Saumur-Champigny

For reservations please contact:
Tel: 020-7928 4554

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