RSJ's 30th anniversary: 1980-2010

2010 was a very special year for us as the RSJ Restaurant celebrated its 30th year. We held a number of special events through the year to mark our 30th birthday.

36th Year: 1980-2016

Another milestone with events happening during our 36th anniversary year.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

14th June Early Summer Ferrigno family favourites

Everyone getting involved

Some pictures from Ursula's kitchen class

14th June Early Summer Ferrigno family favourites

Inspired by her grandmother’s passion for her family and the love that she channeled into her cooking, these recipes have been enjoyed for many, many years.

Gnocchi di patate con asparagi e piselli
Featherlight gnocchi with tender young asparagus, fresh peas and basil sauce – delicate flavours and very pretty on the plate!

Ursula and George with their Sunday apprentices

Fave bruschetta con menta
Broad beans with mint – vibrant colours and flavour – a Neapolitan classic especially if the broad beans are young and tender. Delicious when set off with young goats cheese.

Saute di frutti di mare
Mixed seafood sauté – this dish is believed to have aphrodisiac qualities – find out for yourself! The finest quality seafood will be sourced for this dish.

Insalata mista
Radicchio & endive marinated and grilled salad – delicious digestive salad filled with subtle flavours.

Profiteroles filled with lemon cream
Featherlight profiteroles filled with lemon flavoured crème patissier – a mouthwatering concoction of flavours.

Grating ....

Caciocavallo – famous cheese from Puglia, hung in couples over a pole as if on horseback.

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